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Heartbreaking Facts About Animal Neglect and Cruelty

Today in the United States, despite having animal protection laws, countless animals are still being neglected and abused. Even though authorities have cracked down on several of these cases, abuse and neglect are still prevalent. For instance, dogfighting pits have been reported both in urban and rural areas. Below are more heartbreaking facts about the suffering of animals in the world today.
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    • Fur farmers usually choose the cheapest way to kill an animal, which is often painful and inhumane.


    • A few beef companies in the United States were caught chopping hooves off of living livestock. These companies only received slaps on the wrist.


    • In 2002, the remains of around 3,000 greyhounds were found on an Alabama farm. They were killed because they could no longer race.


    • Broiler or food chickens are injected with drugs to help them grow. The unnatural growth rate of their body destroys their legs, as well as their vital organs.


    • More than 115 million animals die in chemical, drug, food, and cosmetic testing laboratories annually.


    • The mortality rate of exotic pets in the United States is extremely high since the animals are not accustomed to living out of their natural habitat.


    • Several orcas in captivity have demonstrated mental problems due to high-stress levels. Some of these massive creatures committed suicide by smashing their heads on the walls of their enclosures. Others attack their keepers.


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