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4 Ways to Eat Healthier on the Road

1. Break Out Your Vintage “Superman “ Lunch Box

Remember that warm fuzzy feeling you would get as a kid when you opened your awesome Superman or Strawberry Shortcake lunch box to enjoy the yummy lunch your Mom made you? Your mom packed your lunch everyday for a reason, to keep you from being subjected to that terrible cafeteria food! She also wanted to be able to offer you a healthy, balanced lunch. Your mom knew what she was doing!

You have to PLAN to be healthy and do it intentionally. Having a healthy lunch pre packed and ready to go when you walk out the door in the morning will keep you from pulling through the drive through at your local donut shop! Take 15 minutes and package your home cooked meals the day before your trip. Use thermos style (we love Yeti – http://bit.ly/1YxgwFV) lunch containers to keep foods warm or cool where needed. Packing items that are easy to eat while driving will also encourage you not to pull over and get junk food. Pack your lunch box full of some of the travel-friendly grub that’s nutrient-dense, non-perishable, and has sustaining calories, like beef jerky, dark chocolate chips, nuts, individual peanut butter packets, dried fruits, granola, mixed, apples, oranges, and cereals.

2. Bottoms up on that water cup

Drink more water! Sodas, sweet tea, lemonade, energy drinks and most juices are loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners and empty calories. Get a stainless steel tumbler (again- we LOVE Yeti – http://bit.ly/1QVpGHp) and fill er’up, your body will thank you! The list of benefits that comes from drinking water is a mile long but here are a few:

• Water helps you feel full- are you really hungry or are you just thirsty? Before reaching for that snack, try drinking a glass of water first–you may just be dehydrated!
• Water has zero calories- if you choose water instead of a drink loaded with calories, you can easily cut several hundred empty calories from your diet each day.
• Water can help regulate your metabolism and increase your energy levels. Who doesn’t need more energy to make it through that last 100 mile stretch of that trip?

Does plain water bore you? Try adding a squeeze of lemon, crystal light packet or try sparkling spring water instead.

3. When there is just no denying the drive thru – find the healthy options!

Sometimes you just can’t avoid it – maybe you were running late and didn’t have time to pack a lunch or don’t have time to sit down for a healthy meal so you are forced to drive thru! A decade ago, the “healthy” menu at fast food restaurants were pretty much non-existent. Today “not only is fast food healthier—thanks to restaurants cutting out trans fats and loading up on fresh ingredients—there are many more good-for-you tasty choices,” says Joanne Lichten, RD, author of Eat Out Healthy. Here is a list of some fast food restaurants that have “healthy” options on the menu:

• Jimmy Johns
• Quiznos
• McDonalds
• Subway
• Chipotle
• Hardee’s
• Burger King
• Chick-Fila
• Panera

For all you Foodies out there, check out this fantastic tool from Eat Well which allows you to enter an address or city and then it will map out restaurants in the area that serve organic, local and healthy fare. With a little research and a GPS, you’re instantly connected to restaurants with healthy options.

4. Have it YOUR WAY – make healthy substitutions

You don’t normally think of fast food as part of a healthy-eating plan, but it can be if you learn to choose wisely and request changes to your orders. Make it your goal to keep your entire meal under 500 calories by tweaking menu items. You don’t have to settle for what comes on your sandwich or meal, simply ask for a healthier option. Here are some examples:

• Ask for reduced fat mayonnaise or mustard instead of regular mayonnaise
• Instead of fries as your side, request apple slices or a salad with low fat dressing
• Skip the soda as a drink and order a bottle of water
• Ask for wheat bread instead of white
• Bring your own sides like dried fruit, nuts or yogurt
• Ask for grilled chicken instead of fried

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