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"Very good food and excellent service. The food was great but the menu was a stripped-down version, campared to other locations. This is not neccessarily a bad thing. Choices are good but a slim menu makes for faster ordering and serving of food, which was ideal for our situation as we brought a group of 35 people. I was also impressed with the cost of the meals, very good value.

We chose this location for the destination of our car club's cruise night. We showed up with around 35 people and the small crew on staff handled us VERY well. They cooked everyone's food as desired, with no mistakes, and in an impressively timely manner. The staff was very friendly and the manager made it a point to personally thank all of us, individually, for patronizing the establishment that evening. I would rate our experience at nothing less than an A+."

-Brian Thompson, Centerville, UT

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